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Sutter Buttes Infused Olive Oils

Choose from among Sutter Buttes' Spicy Chili, or Thai Chili infused olive oils.  $20.00 each.  250 ML (8.5 OZ.)

Parmesan - Fresh and fruity olive oil combined with Italian Parmesan cheese and some of our favorite herbs creates this delightful dipping sauce. For all cheese lovers it will add exceptional flavor to your cooking. So versatile, you can use this as a salad dressing and marinade

Spicy Chili - We created our Spicy Dipping Sauce for those who like some “heat” on their palate. We combine fresh and fruity Olive Oil, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and a selection of our favorite herbs and spices to create this dipping sauce. 

Thai Chili - Thai Chili Infused Olive Oil has just the right amount of spicy intensity, these tiny peppers add a little kick to your favorite recipe.  The Thai chilies are grown locally and hand-picked to create a fresh medium-intensity olive oil blend that offers a slight smoky flavor.

White Truffle - The earthy, musky fragrance permeates the air as soon as a bottle is opened. The rich full-bodied flavor is heavenly and highly addicting. This succulent finishing oil is rich with intense flavor adds a depth of flavor to food. 

 During the checkout process, please indicate your choice(s)—Parmesan, Spicy Chili, Thai Chili, White Truffle—in the "Special Instructions" section.


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Sutter Buttes Infused Olive Oils - 250 ml
Price: $20.00
Sutter Buttes Infused Olive Oils - 250 ml
Choose from among Sutter Buttes Infused olive oils--Parmesan, Spicy Chili, Thai Chili or White Truffle--for giving chili, dipping sauces, marinades, pizza, stir-fries or stews a special flavor.