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SINCE 2004 | Small-Batch California Olive Oils, Certified Extra Virgin

(Our Online Store Will Re-Open June 6th)


Since we opened in 2004, we’ve had one mission—to bring you raw, cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oil direct from California.  Best of all, our olive oils have been certified extra virgin, so you know you're getting all the flavor and healthful benefits of real olive oil.

Today, working directly with family-owned farms, and the California Olive Oil Council, this commitment to you is stronger than ever.  

As a long-time retailer of Robbins Family Farm balsamic vinegars, we also continue to offer you their delicious, rich, and thick balsamics, now under the All Things Olive label.

At our Bethesda Central Farm Market on Sundays, we also 
feature a selection of
 barrel-aged wine vinegars from Katz Farm in Napa Valley.

The Katz vinegars are made in the 
traditional Orleans method, which is to say, with the "mother".

Please explore our website, or stop by one of our farm market locations and taste for yourself our producers' passion and hand craftmanship.