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Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils

(Our Online Store will Re-Open June 6th)

Since we opened in 2004, we've been your source for raw, unfiltered, cold-pressed olive oil direct from California.

Importantly, when you buy through All Things Olive, you'll know the name and the address of the farm that actually grew your olives and turned them into olive oil.

You'll know when your olive oil was pressed, even the particular day of the year.

You'll also know the specific variety of olive or olives that were pressed to make your oil, and their flavor characteristics.

Perhaps most importantly, you'll also have the confidence that a qualified third party, the California Olive Oil Council, has tested your olive oil to verify that it meets the standards for being labeled "Extra Virgin". 

With neither the federal government nor the states regulating olive oil standards, this is the only way can you be assured that what you're buying has all the flavor and healthful benefits of real extra virgin olive oil.

Check out our olive oil categories to find the one that matches your taste preferences, and of course, the dish you're preparing.  

Questions? Please let us know.


Delicate and Buttery
Olives pressed late in the season, when they're red, purple, or violet, produce a delicate and buttery oil. Try one on your morning bagel or toast. These oils also compliment steamed vegetables, green salads, and are great for baking.
Leafy-Green and Grassy
Olives pressed early, when they're still somewhat green, retain a higher percentage of polyphenols (antioxidants). This gives them a robust, peppery finish; great for soups, stews, grilled vegetables, or a warm baguette.