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We opened All Things Olive at the Kensington Farmers Market in May, 2004.  Over the years, we've sold our California olive oils and vinegars at almost a dozen farm markets in Washington, Virginia, and Maryland.  We also helped to open Washington DC's Union Market way back in 2012.  That's us on the left at our shop in Union Market.

What led us to create All Things Olive?  We've always loved olive oil and the whole cultural surrounding it.  After a vacation to Paris, we discovered a small shop dedicted to olive oils from around the world.  After some long thought, and a lot of research, we opened at the local Kensington farm market in Maryland.

From the beginning, we decided to only sell olive oils from California.  We did so because we left the San Francisco area to come East, and we knew the Golden State.  Coincidentally, California was also undergoing a resurgence in growing olives for making oil at the same time we were opening.  This created a wide variety of olive oils to taste and select for our markets.

We've also only sold California olive oil because of the California Olive Oil Council (COOC).  The COOC, an independent third party, annually certifies those olive oils produced within California that really meet the extra virgin criteria.  With all the issues surrounding adulterated olive oils from Italy and throughout Europe, we wanted this certification process behind the oils we sold.

California Olive Oil Council Member

Over the years, we've participated in olive oil tastings across the country, and made some great friends and fans.  We hope that you will join them!

Thank you for visiting, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Keith and Lynn

Washington's News Media Features All Things Olive  
WJLA Channel 7  Good Morning Washington

U.S Ambassador Meets with All Things Olive in Slovenia

On a recent trip to Slovenia, we met with the U.S. ambassador and a local olive oil producer, the Lisjak Olive Oil company in Koper. 

Pictured below are Keith (left) of All Things Olive, Gregor Lisjak (center) of Lisjak Olive Oil, and Brent Hartley (right), U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia.