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Thank you for shopping with All Things Olive.  Our goal today remains the same as when we opened in 2004: to bring you real extra virgin olive oil.

We love olive oil and the whole culinary culture surrounding it.  What led us to open All Things Olive, though, was the discovery that most olive oils being sold as "extra virgin" were anything but.

It's true that you can find olive oil bottles labeled as extra virgin everywhere.  However, it's also true that the U.S. neither regulates nor enforces the international standards for olive oil. 

The result:  olive oils labeled as extra virgin are typically 
blends of heavily-processed olive oils, best used as a lubricant for the pot or the pan.

On our 
extra virgin olive oil page you can learn more about what it really takes to an earn the extra-virgin grade.  There, you'll also see that we source our olive oils direct from family farms in California.

We do so because we know the state and we support the
California Olive Oil Council (COOC), an independent third party.  The COOC annually certifies those olive oils that really meet the extra virgin criteria.  This third-party certification is what it takes to have the "extra virgin" label on a bottle of olive oil mean anything.  

As a natural complement to our selection of extra virgin olive oils, we also offer you some special vinegars.  We were a long-time retailer of Robbins Family Farm balsamic vinegars, and we continue to bring you these thick, rich, and delicious balsamics under our own label.  And as we have since we opened in 2004, we are very proud to offer you what we believe are the best barrel-aged wine and cider vinegars from Katz Farm in Napa, California.

Thank you for visiting, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Keith and Lynn

Washington's News Media Features All Things Olive  
WJLA Channel 7  Good Morning Washington

On the Road with All Things Olive

On a recent trip to Slovenia, we met with the U.S. ambassador and a local olive oil producer, the Lisjak Olive Oil company in Koper. 

Pictured below are Keith Voight (left) of All Things Olive, Gregor Lisjak (center) of Lisjak Olive Oil, and Brent Hartley (right), U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia.