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Wild Groves Olio Nuovo - 500 ml

Price: $40.00

Wild Groves' Olio Nuovo - 500 ml

Cold pressed on November 1, 2023, Wild Groves' Olio Nuovo, or “new oil” is smooth and buttery in the mouth, with ripe flavors of red apples and pears, light artichoke and smooth almond notes. You’ll see the difference before you even taste the oil. It’s very cloudy and opaque in the bottle, and a wonderful green, vibrant color when poured. Given that the oil is totally unfiltered, it's best to enjoy by April 2024.

Farm:  Wild Groves

Location:  New Castle, CA

Olive Varietal(s):  Arbequina, Koroneiki & Ascolano

Harvest Date:  November 1, 2023