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Tres Osos - 375 ml Organic

Price: $30.00

Tres Osos - 375ml Organic

A unique blend of Italian varietals—Taggiasca, Maurino, and Pendolino—Tres Osos (three bears) Extra Virgin Olive Oil is organically grown, hand picked and cold pressed only seven miles from the Pacific. The year-round ocean breezes provide ideal growing conditions and a unique flavor that is meant to be savored. Producer Dean Griggs believes this oil is better than last year's "Best of Show" Tres Osos.

A beautiful, bright green oil, full of banana and green apple aromas, with a fruity, well-balanced taste and a lingering pungent finish.

Certified Extra Virgin
Producer:  Tres Osos Olive Oil Company

Location:  Carmel, CA

Varietal(s):  Tuscan

Hand Harvested:  December 2020