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Olio Nuovo

“Olio Nuovo”, or new oil, is the first pressing of the new olive harvest season.  It's the freshest, healthiest olive oil available.

Usually, freshly pressed olive oil is allowed to “settle” for several weeks in stainless steel tanks before bottling. This enables gravity to filter out any remaining bits of olive that might remain in the oil.
Olio nuovo, however, is bottled immediately after pressing. This creates a very herbaceous oil with extra pungency.

Olio Nuovo is best served with minimalistic dishes, like raw salads, grilled fish, a warm baguette fresh from the oven, or drizzled over a simple pasta.

This “just crushed” olive oil will please all the food lovers on your holiday lists. It’s also smart to keep an extra bottle on hand.

Please note that our supply of olio nuovo is very limited. Because it is entirely unfiltered, olio nuovo has a much shorter shelf life than that of traditional olive oil. It’s best to enjoy your olio nuovo by April.