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KATZ Chef's Pick - 500ml Organic

Price: $35.00
KATZ Farm Chef's Pick - Organic 500ml

KATZ' organic, multi-gold-medal winning Chef's Pick EVOO from California’s Suisun Valley. Chef's Pick remains the choice for many of the finest restaurant chefs...who often help us "pick the olives" for this oil, and then "pick" it for their culinary pantry...hence the name!

This year's KATZ Farm Organic Chef's Pick Extra Virgin Olive Oil continues its tradition of bold flavors and rustic charm. The nose catches grassiness, with hints of artichoke and fennel, with nuances of herbs, sweet spice and fresh-cut grass. The oil has a pleasant pungency - the pepper in the back of your throat announces its polyphenolic freshness.

The oil has a low 0.14 free acidity reading and a peroxide value of 3.6, well below the international threshold and a sign of the oil’s very high quality and structure. It has a polyphenol reading of 300…a high reading and a sign that it is full of antioxidants. Chef’s Pick enhances a wide array of foods, but its bold flavor will shine in seasonal pasta dishes, casseroles and stews with meats such as lamb, beef or game, and in dressings for leafy greens such as spinach and arugula. This is the perfect condiment oil for the professional and home cook.

Produced By:

Napa, CA