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Frantoio Grove Olio Nuovo - 375 ml

Price: $30.00
Frantoio Grove Olio Nuovo - 375 ml

Frantoio Grove's Olio Nuovo, or new oil, is the first pressing of the 2022 harvest season.  Intense green aroma of fresh-cut grass, artichoke and spice and a strong peppery finish. Perfect at the table for a warm baguette fresh from the oven, pasta, tomatoes, rice, hearty soups, boiled beans, cooked vegetables, grilled vegetables or your morning toast!

A note about Olio Nuovo.  Usually, olive oil is 'racked' or stored in steel tanks for a couple of months to allow gravity to gently filter the oil.  Filtering out the bits of olive that remain in the oil extends its shelf life up to around two years once the bottle is opened.

Olio Nuovo, on the other hand, is bottled immediately after pressing.  Flavor and antioxidants are at their peak, but because the oil is not filtered in any way whatsoever, the shelf life is much shorter, around six months once the bottle is opened.  Enjoy it today for the freshest olive oil possible!!

Harvest Date:  November 2022

Farm:  Frantoio Grove

Location: San Martin, CA

Olive Variety:  Frantoio