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Leafy-Green and Grassy


If you harvest and press olives early in the season, usually by mid-November, when they're still somewhat green, you'll produce a robust and peppery oil, full of pungency and a higher percentage of healthful anti-inflammatory attributes such as polyphenols (antioxidants).  green olives

The certified extra virgin olive oils below will hit the back of your throat with a peppery, grassy aftertaste.  This is why they are often referred to as "two-cough" oils.  

Use our robust and pungent oils on your stronger dishes—tuna, lamb, hummus, grilled meats and vegetables—the oil's flavor will come through.  Also ideal as topping to really perk up a fresh baguette, pasta, and pizza.

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Frantoio Grove - 375 ml Organic
Price: $30.00
Frantoio Grove - 375 ml Organic
Frantoio Grove is a complex yet balanced oil with fruity flavors and a strong peppery finish, Frantoio Grove pairs well with grilled vegetables, Caesar salad, or a baguette fresh from the oven.
Grumpy Goats Picual - 375 ml Organic
Price: $30.00
Grumpy Goats  Picual - 375 ml Organic
The picual olive, with its Spanish ancestry, is robust - a beautiful, complex and well balanced oil, with the sweet fresh aroma of ripe fruit and tomatoes. The flavors of fresh green leaves, toasted almond, and banana are balanced with a rpeppery finish