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Delicate and Buttery

Olives harvested late in the season, usually late November or December, when they reach a deep red, purple, or violet, produce a more delicate and buttery oil.  These olive oils are what we call "everyday, every dish." 


Think of this category of olive oil as an alternative to butter.  These delicate and buttery olive oils pair especially well with milder dishes, such as eggs, toast or bagels, potatoes, and fresh peas.  You get all the healthful benefits of extra virgin olive oil without a strong peppery aftertaste.

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Bondolio - 500 ml Organic
Price: $42.00
Bondolio -  500 ml Organic
Bondolio offers a peppery finish for complementing grilled vegetables, fish, poultry or a baguette fresh from the oven.
Seka Hills - 250 ml
Price: $20.00
Seka Hills - 250 ml
Seka Hills is a versatile oil with layers of green and ripe fruit with balanced pepperiness, it is an ideal everyday oil, use for sautéing and in salad dressings.
Wild Groves Ascolano - 500 ml
Price: $35.00
Wild Groves Ascolano - 500 ml
A fruity and fresh oil with notes of mango, pineapple, apricot, and peach. Perfect for tossed green salads, steamed vegetables, or your favorite Bruschetta.