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Delicate and Buttery

Olives harvested late in the season, when the majority are red, purple, and violet, produce a more delicate and buttery oil.  These certified extra virgin olive oils are what we call "everyday, every dish." olives 

Think of them as an alternative to butter.  These delicate and buttery olive oils pair especially well with milder dishes, such as eggs, toast or bagels, potatoes, and fresh peas.  You get all the healthful benefits of extra virgin olive oil without a strong peppery aftertaste.

California Olive Oil Council Member
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Bava Family Grove - 500 ml Organic
Price: $35.00
Bava Family Grove - 500 ml Organic
Bava Family Grove oil is delicate, with a subtle olive aroma and smooth buttery flavor. Not bitter or overly peppery, this fruity international gold medal winning oil will enhance any meal whether used in salads, marinating, sauteing, or dipping. Organic.