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Bava Family Grove - 500 ml Organic

Price: $35.00
Bava Family Grove Organic - 500 ml 

Bava Family Grove oil is delicate, with a subtle olive aroma and smooth buttery flavor. Not bitter or overly peppery, this fruity international gold medal winning oil will enhance any meal whether used in salads, marinating, sauteing, or dipping.  

The following, primarily Italian varieties, are Bava's blend,  which produces a user friendly, soft, buttery flavor:

  • Casaliva - from the Lakes region of Italy
  • Koroneiki - a popular Greek variety
  • Leccino - a major variety grown in the Tuscany region of Italy
  • Lucca - a variety developed by UC Davis very similar to the Frantoio variety of Tuscany
  • Taggiasca - the predominant variety from the Liguria region of northern Italy
Certified Extra Virgin

Harvest Date:  November 2018

Produced By:

Bava Family Grove
Escalon, CA