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Katz Rock Hill Ranch - Organic 375 ml

Price: $28.00

Katz Rock Hill Ranch (organic) - 375 ml 

Katz Organic Rock Hill Ranch is often lauded for its elegant structure and this year is no different. The finished olive oil has the expansive aromas of sweet spices, fennel, green almonds and herbs that give it an elegant taste and a firm pungent finish.  A great compliment to simple fish, poultry and vegetable dishes, or for livening up summer pestos and aiolis.

KATZ Rock Hill Ranch Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a low 0.20 free fatty acid (sign of the stability of the oil), and 4 peroxide value which shows the care with which this oil was made. The polyphenol reading for this year was 290, and a sign of the solid presence of anti-oxidants in this oil.