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Herb Infused Olive Oil

Calolea's raw garlic infused oil is wonderful on bread under the broiler with some cheese on top, or as a way to boost the garlic flavor in pizza, pesto, or stir fry.  

Our basil parmesan oil from The Olive Press is perfect over tomatoes and mozzarella, pizza, or whenever you don't have fresh basil. 
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Calolea Garlic Olive Oil
Price: $20.00
Calolea Garlic Olive Oil
Garlic lovers will appreciate this buttery olive oil infused with raw garlic.
Olive Press Basil Parmesan Olive Oil
Price: $22.00
Olive Press Basil Parmesan Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, parmesan cheese, garlic, walnuts, and seasonings, it is wonderful drizzled over pasta or tossed with fresh romaine lettuce - or just dip your favorite bread.