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Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils

We source our olive oils directly from a small group of family-owned farms in Northern California.  

Each farm grows and hand harvests their olives, and they do so in a range of soils, climates and terrains.  

Importantly, each farm also has been certified as an extra virgin olive oil producer by an independent third-party, the California Olive Oil Council.

Together, they enable All Things Olive to offer you true estate-grown, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with a wide variety of flavors and intensities—from delicate-and-buttery all the way to leafy-green-and-grassy.

Please explore our categories below to select the oil that's right for your table.
Delicate & Buttery
Olives pressed late in the harvest season, when they range in color from dark red, purple, all the way to black, produce a much more delicate and buttery oil. We love these oils over milder dishes, such as eggs, toast and bagels, and fresh peas.
Fragrant & Fruity
Some olives, including arbequina, ascolano, manzanillo, and sevillano, naturally produce a more fragrant and fruit-forward tasting olive oil. Ideal for green salads, steamed vegetables, and sliced tomatoes.
Leafy Green & Grassy
The boldest, most robust category of extra virgin olive oil. It's pressed from olives when they're young and green—early in the harvest season. Use it with your heartier dishes such as soups, stews, salmon, tuna, or hummus.
Olive-y & Peppery
Olives pressed when they're still somewhat green, retain a higher percentage of polyphenols (antioxidants). This gives them a peppery after taste, which perks up bread, pasta, and adds some zing to grilled vegetables.