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Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Since we opened in 2004, we've sourced our olive oils directly from family-owned farms in Northern California.  Each farm grows and hand harvests their own olives.  Each presses their own olive oil.  Importantly, each has been certified as an extra virgin olive oil producer by the California Olive Oil Council, an independent third-party.

But most importantly, each bottle we sell wears the label of the farm that produced it.

That makes All Things Olive almost unique in the world of olive oil retailing.

The vast majority of retailers who sell olive oil put their name on the label because they don't know who made the olive oil they're selling.

Why does knowing who made your olive oil matter?  Because olive oil is a very special food category.  

It has no federal oversight.  None.  And only four states even mandate that bottles labeled as "olive oil" must contain only oil made from olives.  

Terms such as "first cold press" or "extra virgin"?  They're widely used because they have no legal definition in the U.S.  None.  Anyone can put them on anything.

So, if you don't know who made your olive oil, you also don't know how it was made, where it was made, when it was made, or much else about it. 

Giving consumers real, fresh extra virgin olive oil is why we started back in 2004.  It's the same goal that drives us today.  

Please explore our categories below and shop with confidence that what you're buying is real, fresh extra virgin olive oil!

Delicate and Buttery
Olives pressed late in the season, when they're red, purple, or violet, produce a delicate and buttery oil. Try one on your morning bagel or toast. These oils also compliment steamed vegetables, green salads, and are great for baking.
Fragrant and Fruity
Some olives, including arbequina, ascolano, manzanillo, and sevillano, naturally produce a more fragrant and fruit-forward tasting olive oil. Ideal for green salads, steamed vegetables, and sliced tomatoes.
Robust and Peppery
Olives pressed early, when they're still somewhat green, retain a higher percentage of polyphenols (antioxidants). This gives them a peppery finish, which perks up Greek or Caesar salads, baguettes, pasta, and adds some zing to grilled vegetables.

These farms represent a variety of olive cultivars grown in a range of soils, climates and terrains.

Together, they enable All Things Olive to offer you real, fresh cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with a wide variety of flavors and intensities—from delicate-and-buttery all the way to leafy-green-and-grassy.