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Fragrant and Fruity

Some olive varieties, such as arbequina and ascolano, produce a naturally fragrant and fruity oil.  These oils offer you an herbal smell with a very fruit-forward taste that goes especially well with green salads, steamed vegetables, and sliced tomatoes.  
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Grumpy Goats Picual - 200 ml Organic
Price: $15.00
Grumpy Goats  Picual - 200 ml Organic
Our Picual, with its Spanish ancestry, is robust - a beautiful, complex and well balanced oil, with the sweet fresh aroma of ripe fruit and tomatoes. The flavors of fresh green leaves, toasted almond, and banana are balanced with a peppery finish.
Jovia Groves - 500 ml
Price: $35.00
Jovia Groves - 500 ml
Pressed late in the year from Arbequina olives, Jovia Groves Olive Oil is produced by growers Jon and Sylvia Fadhl, owners of Jovia Farms in Dixon, California, near Sacramento. Jovia is a nice complement for green salads, vegetables, or for bread.
Seka Hills - 250 ml
Price: $20.00
Seka Hills - 250 ml
Seka Hills is a versatile oil with layers of green and ripe fruit with balanced pepperiness, it is an ideal everyday oil, use for sautéing and in salad dressings.