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Welcome to All Things Olive.  Here's Why We're Different.

We opened in 2004.  From the beginning, we've worked with a select group of family farms in California.  

Each bottle we offer you will:

— Tell you the name and address of the family that made it.

— Carry the extra virgin seal of approval by the California Olive Oil Council, an independent third-party.

— Display the harvest date.

Real, fresh extra virgin olive oil is a rare treat.  If it wasn't, you wouldn't have so many imitations.  
And real olive oil comes in different intensities—delicate and buttery, all the way to robust and grassy. 

We invite you to try one today!

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Real Olive Oil, 
Real Producers     

Pamela Marvel and Stuart Littell
Grumpy Goats Farm
Capay Valley, CA

Stuart Littell and Pamela Marvel are partners in life and in farming.  When Pamela prepared to make good on a life-long dream—to live in the country as she had growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, Stuart was a full backer and supporter.

They decided to look for the ideal place to locate a small olive grove and produce their own olive oil.  In early 2008 they bought a 20 acre farm in Capay Valley, about 80 miles northeast of San Francisco, CA.

Together they’ve made good progress on the farm:  there are now 2600 olive trees on seventeen acres.  Each year the olive varietals—Coratina, Picual, Pendolino, Itrana, Frantoio and Nocellara del Belice—are harvested by hand in the fall.

At the end of each harvest day, the fresh-picked olives are rushed to the mill at Olivino, where they are milled by a 3 ton/hour blade crusher.  The oil is separated from the crushed paste using a four batch malaxer, a three-phase decanter, and a centrifuge to complete the milling process.  Finally, the fresh oil is stored in large drums.  Each year some of the freshly milled oil is bottled as “Olio Nuovo” (new oil). 

The rest of the oil will be ready to be bottled in February/March.

Spring is the season for local and international olive oil competitions. Grumpy Goats Farm participates enthusiastically.  The oils have been rewarded with a couple dozen gold medals over the years. In 2017 Grumpy Goats Farm is a Good Food Awards winner.   The oils are certified extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) and certified organically grown by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).


Kensington Farmers' Market | 10417 Howard Avenue | Kensington, MD
Bethesda Central Farm Market | Bethesda Elementary School | Bethesda, MD